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National Committee ICC Slovakia
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•Banking Technique and Practice


objective:     to serve as the global forum and rule-making body for the international trade finance



     Slovak member: VΪB, a.s.


•International Commercial Practice


objective:     to create, maintain and promote global standards with regard to international

commercial contracts


     Slovak members: Kerametal, a.s. ; Omnia, a.s.




objective:     to promote a fair international tax system that encourages cross-border trade and



     Slovak member: Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry


•Law and Practices relating to Competition


objective:     to ensure that business needs are taken into account when competition laws and

policies are formulated by governements


     Slovak member: OTMC Slovakia


•Intellectual and Industrial Property


objective:     to promote an environment that allows business to create and exploit intellectual

property (IP) internationally with minimum obstacles, including support for the international harmonization of IP rights


     Slovak member: none


•International Trade and Investment Policy


objective:     to break down barriers to international trade and investment so that world business

can benefit from expanding global markets and contribute to raising living standards


     Slovak member: Globtel, a.s.


•Financial Services and Insurance


objective:     to break down barriers to international business in financial services and insurance,

and to contribute to the elaboration of sound self-regulatory and supervisory



     Slovak member: VΪB, a.s.


•Marketing, Advertising and Distribution


objective:     to promote high standards of ethics in marketing by business self-regulation through a

series of ICC international marketing codes and guidelines, and to elaborate world

business views on government initiatives affecting marketing and consumer protection


     Slovak members : Incheba, a.s. ; Šport Progress




objective:     to develop and promote a world business position on major policy issues in the field

of sustainable development; to promote enviromental management through voluntary

initiatives and self-regulatory products ; to maintain ICC as the principal negotiator for business at the highest multisectoral level


     Slovak members: Slovnaft, a.s. ; Slovenskι elektrαrne, a.s.




objective:     to promote competitive, efficient and open transport markets for goods and for

business travellers worldwide


     Slovak member: Siemens




objective:     to develop business policy positions on selected energy issues, and to play a leading

role on behalf of energy producers and consumers worldwide in key international



     Slovak member: SPP


•Telecommunications and Information Technologies


objective:     to promote the development of electronic business through policies that encourage

competition and the free flow of information


     Slovak member: Siemens


•International Arbitration


objective:     to serve as a forum for pooling ideas on practical issues relating to international arbitration


     Slovak member: Arbitration Court of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry



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