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a) to promote international trade, services and investment and to eliminate obstacles and distortions

    to international commerce

b) to promote the market economy system based on principles of free and fair competition among

     business enterprises

c) to foster economic growth of both developed and emerging economies

d) to represent Slovak commercial, professional service and industrial enterprises in the international


e) to coordinate activities of Slovak business community and to represent its interests in dealing with

    both national and international organizations in matters concerned with international trade

f) the national committee will designate one delegate (and if so desired, one deputy delegate) to the

    ICC World Council as well as representatives to the commissions and working bodies of ICC and

    the ICC International Court of Arbitration

g) to organise regional and national meetings, assemblies and similar events

h) to use all reasonable means to enhance awareness of ICC and its work in Slovak business

     community and maintain relations with the ICC International Secretariat

i) to inform its members about the results of ICC´s activities

j) to adhere to the Constitution of the International Chamber of Commerce

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