ICC Slovakia

Membership in ICC Slovakia

Eligibility and termination

All companies, corporations and partnerships involved in international business or relevant activities, whether private, collective, public or state-owned, and including foreign-owned entities, are eligible to become members of the ICC Slovakia, as long as they carry out all or a part of their operations in Slovakia.

Chambers of Commerce  and professional associations, whether local, regional or national, including bilateral Chambers representing foreign business in Slovak Republic may join the ICC Slovakia.

Slovak scholars, academics, professionals and other individuals involved in international business are eligible for individual membership in the ICC Slovakia.

All members of the ICC Slovakia are automatically members of ICC, and any application for membership in the ICC Slovakia shall be construed as also meaning application for membership to ICC.

Membership may be terminated for failure to pay membership dues for two consecutive years, or for serious failure to fulfill the members´ obligations set out in the agreement.

A member has to announce in writing to the Chairman his/her intention to resign, at least 6 months before the end of the calendar year; the membership then ends on the last day of the year.


A member of ICC Slovakia is obliged in particular:

  1. comply with the Articles,
  2. to support the activities of ICC Slovakia and ICC,
  3. to provide ICC Slovakia with the information necessary to ensure its activities,
  4. comply with the rules of the Agreement on the Establishment of the ICC Slovakia and the Statute of the ICC,
  5. to enable its representatives to properly perform the activities to which they have committed themselves within the ICC Slovakia.

Members are obliged to pay the subscription fixed at their join

The amount of the subscription and terms of payment, as well as the legal consequences of the default or failure to comply with these obligations, shall be determined by the ICC Slovakia and laid down in the separate agreement to be concluded by the member with the ICC Slovakia.


ICC Slovakia members are entitled:

  1. to participate in the decisions of the ICC Slovakia, each with one vote. An honorary member has an advisory vote.
  2. to nominate and elect their representatives to the bodies of the ICC Slovakia. An honorary member does not have this right.
  3. for automatic membership in ICC Slovakia, in the case of a Slovak founding member, immediately after its establishment.
  4. to become acquainted with, to follow continuously and to influence creatively the business policy represented by ICC and the ICC Slovakia. They may take part in the activity of the commissions and special groups of ICC and ICC Slovakia, as well as in the establishment of the annual work programme of the ICC Slovakia.
  5. make use of the information and services of the ICC Slovakia Secretariat.
  6. indicate on their letterheads, business cards and other promotional material their membership in ICC.

The founding members have the right to nominate half of the members of the Executive Board of ICC Slovakia. This proposal may also be a joint proposal of honorary members.

Exclusion of a member

Membership expires:

  1. dissolution of a legal person that is a member of ICC Slovakia
  2. immediately, on the day of delivery of the written request to the President of ICC Slovakia
  3. if the member has not paid the membership dues for two consecutive years d) the death of a member
  4. by excluding a member who:
    • did not fulfill the obligations to ICC Slovakia, which he assumed as a member
    • has seriously violated other obligations set out in these Articles
    • abused membership in ICC Slovakia for activities that damages the reputation of ICC Slovakia
    • has been subject to bankruptcy or other similar legal proceedings in the country of residence of the member of ICC Slovakia

The Council decides about the exclusion of a member of ICC Slovakia by an absolute majority of votes of the members present. The Council has a quorum if an absolute majority of the members of ICC Slovakia is present. The membership of a member terminated by a decision of the Council shall expire on the date specified in the decision of the Council.